Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Finally Over

 ~[ Day 30: Favorite Idol Merchandise? ]~
(the madness is finally over thank god)

My Linlin 9SMILE shirt!  It's my favorite!

The main reason why this shirt is my favorite piece of idol merchandise is because it's the first that i've ever purchased.  It was the first time HelloStoreUSA opened up, and it was around the time I was becoming a bigger and bigger Linlin fan.  I thought "Hell, wouldn't a LINLIN shirt be awesome?" so I had to buy it.

The shirt came with the two linlin pictures and the wristband.
(the two Koharu pictures came with a matching wristband and shirt too)

I still love this shirt and wear it till this day.  Sometimes I even wear the wristband around with me and to the gym frequently too haha.  The photos were also the first H!P photos that i've owned, so I treasured it so much that I actually used one as a bookmark and took it when I traveled on vacation last year haha.


I have conquered the 30-day Idol Challenge!!!  Do I get a shirt or something??


  1. i am proud

    now blog like this every month

  2. Aichan: Thank you!

    Chris: Haha thanks, but don't count on it! :)

    Kirarichan: Thank you!

    Kylon: Thanks X)