Friday, July 8, 2011

Keep Singing!

 ~[ Day 8: Favorite Voice? ]~

I don't have just one favorite, so i'm going to go with a voice that I think is superb. Airi's.

 Like I said, I have more than one favorite, but I think Airi's voice is one to be honorably mentioned in this days post.  I've been noticing Airi more since i've started becoming a bigger C-ute fan, and it's inevitable to not notice her voice.  Some people argue that they dislike Airi because she is promoted too often.  Well, in all fairness, there's logic behind this promotion.  She's damn awesome.  Awesome gets promoted duh.  She can belt out some gnarly notes and it fascinates me.  Have you heard her recent performance of Memory Seishun no Hikari?  Well you should.  Its amazeballs.

Hmm what else can I say.  Her voice is very melodic in my opinion.  I like listening to it.  It doesn't surprise me that she's been given numerous song solos ever since she was young.  Her voice always had a natural beauty to it that couldn't really be compared to.  Even songs like Tsuugaku Vector were awesome, and she was only like what...12? lol


  1. could you name your other favs? would be interesting for me~
    Airi <3

  2. Definitely Airi! her voice has been amazing since the beginning ~

  3. My Favorite Voices are:

    Morning Musume: Ai
    Berryz: Risako
    C-ute: Saki
    S/mileage: Yuuka
    Mano Erina: Mano XD

  4. I agree . . .
    for C-ute Airi, Nacky & Maimi . . .
    their voice is awesome XD

  5. MiracleHappyLove: I really love the sound of Yurina's voice, and Chisato's as well! Also Miyabi's!

    Melisa: Yes yes! Natural talent~

    Kylon: Good choices lol

    DiRinzuki: I like all the voices in C-ute too lol

  6. @Kylon - I thought you disliked Nakky's voice :P

  7. Uhhhh I never said that. I even told you Nakky was my fav voice in C-ute : |. Jus cus i make fun of everyone doesn't mean i dont like their voices XDD