Saturday, February 26, 2011

Raffi's Fashion Check 2

It's time for another episode of Raffi's Fashion Check!

This episode features the lovely ladies of Morning Musume, plus the 9th generation members!

Let's see what they thrown together to wear for the new PV shall we?
- Very nice.  I like the red a lot; it suits her well.
- Legs!

- Her hair matches her outfit.  +1
- I like the lightness of her outfit overall.  +1

- Has her hair changed since she joined this group?
- Sayu, please return my phone calls.  I want my button-down shirt back.

- Reina your yankii is showing.  Please put it away.
- Tsuji called, she want's her everything back.

- Her hair is perfect here.  I can't believe she cut it already.  -1
- Scarfs are always cool.
- Her pants remind me of pajamas
- Aika in heels.  +1

- I like her necklace I guess...

- Her shirt looks like an oversized dryer sheet.
- The only thing that could make this outfit work would be a paper bag over her head.


- Miyabi called, she wants her jean jacket back.
- Aika called, she wants her scarf back.
- Cowboy boots ftw.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everyone Admires a Heroine

SO, Berryz new PV for Heroine Ni Narou Ka is out, i'm sure everyone knows of this already.

There has been some controversy over this PV because of the whole "omg they copied Lady Gaga" thing.
People need to seriously get over it.  The PV looks cool.  So if you have a problem, or hate Lady Gaga, or hate Berryz Kobo now because they took on Lady Gaga, I have one word for all of you:


Anyways, the first time I saw the PV, it really surprised me in a good way.

So, i'm watching this PV right, and then all of a sudden im like "OMG WHAA?"


Po-po-po-poker face po-po-poker face?

Mmmmmmmm RIISTAR

Captain being sexy?  Blasphemy.

I think we all know who she's about to call. (me)

I think we all know who's picture she's drooling over.  (mine)

I think we all know who she's daydreaming about. (me)

All seriousness aside, the PV in my opinion was pretty good.  It made me like the song even more.  I wish there was more Maasa in it though.

Also, Yurina's last HEROINE was amazing.  Gives me chills.

For those of you using an iPhone, i've made this song (and others) into a ringtone.  I used the last chorus cause it was epic.  If interested please download~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


-fake scenerio-

This is how the girls of Hello!Project reacted when told they had to go on a romantic date with me.

These are their responses:
(the number in the bottom right corner is how many times they dry heaved)

Wow.  I can't believe how excited they all are!  It's just a date, jeez.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Odds And Ends

Ugh, it's been like over a week since I've posted anything on this blog.  Every time I want to say something, I realize that there isn't much to talk about!  There hasn't been anything special going on in the H!P world these past few days/weeks.

What's there to talk about today?  Well, there's only a few things that I could think of.

Maimi e-mailed me telling me that she wanted to sing the song "That's the Power" to me.
That was unexpected!

Reina stopped by to tell me that I left my wristband at her house.
You can tell that it belongs to me right?
(well it does now)

I had to have a long talk with Aichan about her and her stalking issues.  I told her time after time, that she really shouldn't hide in my bathroom while I'm taking a shower.  It's just wrong.
(btw my bathroom wallpaper is SO much cooler then yours)