Thursday, July 28, 2011


 ~[ Day 28: Favorite OG Member? ]~

Yaguchi Mari now and forever!

Marippe has always been one of my favorite members of H!P to date.  She is funny, spunky, outgoing, and has an all around fantastic personality.  I sometimes wish she was still in Morning Musume, because when I think of her, I think of all the fun that they used to have.  Their singles are now going in a more sexy direction, and whenever I think of Yagu, I think of songs like Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima.  I miss her great energy and smile in H!P.

I remember seeing videos from when she first joined Momusu, and how much she has changed since then.  Everything from her looks to her personality has changed for the better ever since her debut.  Now i'm happy that she's in Dream Morning Musume since we get to see more of her then we used too.  Love watching old clips of her and watching her do all sorts of crazy things.  Her laugh is also super adorable.


  1. "I go to haircut!" XD Gotta love Mari! Her personality is so huge I sometimes forget just how freakin' tiny she is.

  2. I've seen that before, but that video is awesome!