Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to the Norm

Now that the 30-day idol challenge has been completed, we return to our regularly scheduled blogging.  After almost a week of not posting anything, I missed you guys!  Lets see what we have for today shall we?

Let me start of by giving a big shout-out to my bff Chris for being so kind and sending me a gift for my birthday. It was truly something that I loved and will cherish for a long time.  You really didn't have to, but you did anyways.  You really are a great friend and i'm glad I met you! <3

My cherished gift: Aika's fist Alo-Hello album.  I don't know where you picked this up from, or how much you payed for it, but thanks again.  I hope it wasn't too expensive! >_<

Once again thank you.  And thanks for the card too.  It was so cute lol.  These pics are fantastic and I love them!

Oh and before I forget, I also got a little gift (among others -sigh-) for myself ehehe.

A Momusu 8nin PikaPika set that i've always wanted but never bought until now.  I forgot to take a picture of them before I put them in their sleeves, and I didn't feel like taking them out just for a picture, so here you go lol.  Oh, and ignore creeper Linlin in the background ahahaha!

So now, there's a few more things that i've purchased that havne't been sent to me yet.  Oh this should be fun~


  1. Happy Birthday senpai ^^

  2. did you figure out what size/type photos they are yet? lol

  3. Aichan & Kylon: Thank you <3

    Chris: I know its measurements but I haven't gotten sleeves for them yet lol