Saturday, July 23, 2011


 ~[ Day 23: Past idol that you miss the most? ]~

That would easily be Linlin.

I miss my bacchiri-linlin ;____;  Surprisingly, when I first started listening to Morning Musume, Linlin was probably my least favorite member.  I'm not sure exactly why or how, but all of a sudden she rose to my #1 spot alongside Aika.  There was just always something special about her that attracted me so much.  Maybe it was her charm and personality?  Or the fact that she kept on getting more beautiful?  Either way, I wish she had more exposure and a larger fan-base during her stay in H!P.

I remember last summer when I first read of her graduation alongside Eri and Jun, I was rather stunned.  I didn't want to believe that Linlin was leaving already.  To me, it felt like such a short while that she was with the group because I didn't really start dedicating myself to H!P until maybe a year or two after she had already joined...i'm not exactly sure lol.  Anyways, I was rather sad, because she had so much talent, but was never given the exposure that she deserved.  I remember Junjun once blatantly saying on a TV appearance that Linlin and herself barely get lines in singles, and referred to single covers among other things as "China on the left and right, and Japan in the middle." lol

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if Linlin were still in the group.  Just imagine Linlin in the Maji Desu Ka Ska and Only You PV's!  I think she would look damn awesome in the Only You outfits lol.  Either way, it was really a nice surprise when she came back to visit Japan, but I wish she stayed longer.  I always hope that she will return to the entertaining business, so maybe one day I can hear her sing again and buy her solo album. *wishes*


;~; <3


  1. I miss Linlin too ;--; But i miss Jun more being that she was my second fav in Musume :/

  2. Linlin saudades!!! Essa chinesinha sempre animou o Morning musume e sempre vai estar em nossos corações

  3. Ah!! sorry!!!

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    CUIDADO: a Riho pode puxar seu pé a noite


  5. Kylon: I miss both of them

    Mellka: She really was an inspiration. Omg NO RIHO.