Sunday, July 17, 2011


~[ Day 17: Favorite S/mileage member? ]~

As of recently, my favorite S/mileage member has now become Maeda Yuka.

I haven't always been the biggest S/mileage fan, but as of late, I have grown to love them more and more.  Their first single was a hit, but in my opinion, after that, they were just okay, and I stopped paying attention.  I said to Chris the other day, "I sent s/mileage my photo during their smile campaign to debut, so I should show them some more respect."  Watching Yuuka perform in the H!P Winter 2011 concert with High-King, I started really liking her.I always thought she was an average singer, but I always loved her dance, and her personality.  She has a really cute and bubbly voice when she talks, and I love the way she looks in PV's and Concerts. 

I've recently fallen in love with S/mileages newest single Uchoten LOVE, and I adore the way she looks in it.  I love her hair the most.  I've watched the CM a hundred times because I love Yuukarin in it and the song overall.  I think she's got great charm and grace, and she's such a great artist.  The other day, I was actually quite surprised to find out that shes actually going to be 17 years old at the end of this year.  That blew my mind.


  1. Portuguese > english

    Yuuka também é a minha favorita do s/mileage ela é muito linda e esse cabelo curto realmente combina com ela

  2. Yuuka's unique speaking voice lends to her singing voice and is something you either love or hate, but I think she's a lot better singer than most people give her credit for. She's basically a slightly worse version of Momoko, talent wise.

    Here's a video of a 13 year old Yuuka solo:

    molechan is awesome

  3. Shes my fav in S/mileage as well :) *coughandtherightfulleadercough*

  4. Mellka: I agree, her short hair like in the Uchouten LOVE PV is amazing!

    Chris: Wise words from a wise man. And the video is lakdfjlakdjfald so cute.

    Kylon: Glad to hear it~