Monday, January 31, 2011

An Ebay Success Story

So a week or so ago I found some new H!P Winter 2011 pictures on Ebay for sale.  They all started around a dollar, so I thought to myself, "hey, what a great deal!"  It was then when I decided to bid on all the members that I wanted (even though I forgot some).

Well, this is what it eventually turned into:

After adding up the total, I noticed that I was going to be spending around $13 bucks for 8 L sized pictures.  After I placed all the bids, I realized that I could buy the same pictures off of HSU for less.

Lucky for me, I completely forgot that I even placed bids on these items, which turned into this in about 20 minutes:

I was even considering bidding again on a few pictures, but then once again, completely forgot to.  Oh well!
(in the meantime, i was also outbid on Aika)

I went to HSU (30 minutes ago) and decided to buy these photosets from their store.  I was happy to find out that I could buy the Momusu (5), Berryz (7), and C-ute (5); 17 pictures for $20 total.  So I did.

Oh yeah.  After like almost 2 weeks, I got something in the mail from ebay:
 (i have the real picture, just didn't feel like taking a shot and uploading it)

Lol yaaay, now I have an extra Maasa.  GO MAASA.

I hope you enjoyed my little story.  The End.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I didn't even realize that H!P artists were still performing things for Hello Cover to be honest lol.  After Kamei Eri did 9, I basically thought it stopped there.  Chisato did 2, and now I found out that a few more have been released by Momusu members that i'm happy to hear about.  I can't wait till it's Aika's turn~

So these are the new songs that have been covered by 3 Momusu members:

(lol beasted)

Btw, new Morning Musume profile picture was uploaded today to Hello!Project's official website.

Um.  Hi Aika.  Can we get married?  K thanx.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Impulse Buy

(I should really stop buying things)

Anyways, I bought some awesome stuffs from a friend on Hello!Online for a great price.  He hooked it up!!  I thought I'd never have the chance to get these again~

I don't really know what else to say, other then...






Monday, January 24, 2011

Overnight Surprises

Okay, so literally overnight, I find out a bunch of new H!P related things.  I'm pretty sure you guys know most of this already, but yeah...i'm a little slow today, seeing as i'm back in school *sobsob*



1. Morning Musume Spring 2011 Titled - New Genesis Fantasy DX ~ Welcome 9th Generation Members ~

Title sounds really cool, but rather long.  "Rival Survival" was so rockin' and easy to remember.  It was also easy to search for concert goods!  New Genesis Fantasy DX Welcome 9th Generation Members is a mouthful.  It sounds promising though, seeing as "fantasy" makes it sound like they're going to sing Fantasy11 songs.  Let's just wait and see what happens hmm?

2. Okai Chisato 2nd HelloCover is Romantic Ukare Mode

I've always been a fan of Miki's Romantic Ukare Mode, so it was refreshing to hear Chissa sing it.  She did really well.

3. Hello!Project 2011 Winter Concert is gonna release 2 different DVD's

There is going to be an A and a B version of the concert released, each with different setlists.  [A] will have all the regular setlists, while [B] will have a bunch of full length (i think) solo songs sung buy various members which I certainly look forward to seeing!

4. Buono's Zassou no Uta PV has been released:

I'm still getting used to this song, seeing as it is so different from anything else Buono! or even H!P has produced lately.  It has a different feel to it.  I like it so far~

5. Berryz Kobo 7th Album Announced / USA Release

Berryz Kobo is releasing their 7th album on March 30th.  This should be interesting seeing that it is going to be right before their trip to Seattle, so I wonder how much of an influence that this album is going to have on their first live USA performance?

6. Takahashi Ai starring in a play called "Dance of the Vampire"

Dunno, sounds pretty random, but i'd love to see Aichan in a sexy vampire costume!

7. Yaguchi Mari had designed and is the voice actor for a new Digimon called 'Panbachimon'

Oh Marippe~ the lulz never stop with you do they ^o^

Friday, January 21, 2011

Never Play Hide-And-Seek with A Berryz

So in Berryz Kobo's DVD Magazine 22, they decide to play a sort of hide-and-seek type of game.  In this game, they got split up into two teams (Miya/Saki/Yurina vs. Chinami/Risako/Momo).  Maasa was the ring leader apparently.  The object of the game was to hide a bunch of cards for the other team to find.  In these cards were trivia questions that had to be presented to Maasa later on for points.  It looked like fun, but unless the rules stated to make the game as hard as possible; the girls were borderline cheating lol.

Oh, this should be interesting.

Team A (Chinami/Risako/Momo) got to hide cards first

Already looks impossible to win

Oh like that's fair.
Don't forget to cover it with powecords
...and a chair. >_>

I guess Risako isn't that creative with hiding spots.

Shoving things in air vents...
proves to be unsuccessful.

Chinami points out her 'right under your nose' technique

While Momo takes an alternative approach..

Which includes throwing things onto unreachable surfaces.

After hiding cards, Team B went out looking.  To my surprise they found almost all of them.  I don't think they found the last one, but they did find the one under the floor and powercords.  Some trivia questions were like saying all 12 months in English, naming 3 english words that are red, and 5 Japanese words that start with 'wa.'  Some I didn't really understand.  There was one with dice where Yurina had to roll two twenty-sided dice and make them each land on specific numbers in under 20 seconds.  Idk it was all redic.

Meanwhile, it was Team B (Miya/Saki/Yurina) turn to hide the cards.

Miya was just as creative as Risako

and Yurina figured she could use her height to her advantage.

Saki had some okay ideas

while Miya had her lightbulb moment


...and then not so lightbulb moments.

That's more like it.  Keep it up Miya

I said keep it up not give up.

Yurina shows us nothing but her brilliance,

while Saki goes for the cameo tactic.

So all in all, Team A (Chinami/Risako/Momo) won, mainly because Team B wasn't was good with hiding places, and they Team A got easier answers with their trivia questions.  I would get uber frustrated if I had to look for all these cards though.  Wouldn't you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Berryz Kobo Alo-Hello 2 (through my eyes)

SO.  Last night I decided to pop in my Berryz Kobo Alo-Hello 2.  I was excited that there was a plot to it, and that I actually understood what was going on.  Well, that only lasted for about 6 minutes, because then the next 70 minutes was stare at pretty Berryz time.

SO.  This is what happens in Hawaii when nobody's looking.

Miya wants to know where Captain is:

Later, Chinami and friends try to have some fun.
They look for minions to train for battle.

While on her free time, Saki runs into some 'new friends.'

(if you get this reference you're cool)

Meanwhile, Momo and Maasa happen to be on the same island of Hawaii,
at YO MAMA's Yogurt Shop:

Momo gets bored and decides to invite every stranger on the street
to a beach party tonight.
Maasa is very displeased, especially after bad yogurt.

At this point, rage builds within Maasa's core.
She can't hold it in much longer...

Maasa's crazy comes out a little, as she follows helpless Miya
to work.
Miya forgets she already has a real friend and accepts Maasa invite.

After already agreeing, Miya then calls Saki to make matters worse.
If Miya didn't hang up so fast, Saki could explain her situation and avoid upcoming conflict.

Later that night, Miya gets creeped out by Maasa's attempts and tries to escape.
Maasa's rage can no longer be controlled...

Conveniently on the other side of the beach, Captain Saki and her new possy
spot M3 and plan their attack.

Miya then finds out that Saki had an agenda all along.
Miya yells "THIS IS MADNESS' and fights back

The "beech paati" that was initially intended soon turned brutal.
After hours of fighting Risako realized how hungry she was and offered
to go get some food.

The others agreed.

The rest is history.

I hope everyone enjoyed my bored and borderline insane fic.  HAVE A NICE DAY YALL.