Saturday, July 16, 2011

Genuine Girl

~[ Day 16: The Sweetest Idol. ]~
We're halfway there!

The sweetest idol in my opinion would be Kumai Yurina

If I had to pick one idol (that I have yet to talk about), that I consider to be the sweetest, I think I would go with Yurina on this one.  Ever since the beginning of Berryz, she's always been so kind and genuinely warm hearted.  Aside from Maasa being the mother of the group, Yurina would almost be considered the father figure.  Not just because she's the tallest, but I almost feel as if she acts as an overseer in the group.

Yurina always has a smile on her face, and her personalty is nothing short of amazing.  It seems like it would be a challenge to get her angry.  Whenever I see her perform an emotional song, I always wonder where she gets her energy from.  Whenever she's the MC at a concert, or part of a TV show, she always has something good to say about the other members.  She looks like the type of person who the rest of the group relies on the most.  If I knew her personally, I think she would be the first person to help out in any situation.


  1. Portuguese < english

    Desculpas por não postar comentários antes, meu computador tava com defeito, não dava pra comentar, mas eu li todos o posts e amei,concordo com o que você disse da Riho, tem uma coisa dentro dela que me da medo(parece que ela quer dominar o H!P pra ela)

    Sobre este post: ameiii, Yurina sempre foi uma das minhas favoritas (5º lugar), sempre teve um lugar no meu coração.

  2. Did you ask yourself these question? :D

  3. Mellka: Hahaha, i'm glad you agree with me that there's is just something a little off about Riho!! And yes, Yurina is great!

    Aichan: Yes? These are my answers to the questions.

  4. I mean the questions were created by you right?

  5. Aichan: No, these questions have been floating around on Facebook as the "Facebook 30 Day Idol Challenge," and I think some of the questions have been changed around here and there~