Friday, July 15, 2011

A Zukki For You

~[ Day 15: Favorite Morning Musume member. ]~

Lemme introduce you the newest member of my clan: We call her Zukki.

Everybody should know by now that my favorite current Musume member is Aika, but I didn't want my posts to get repetative.  That's why I choose not to talk about my 2nd favorite, Gaki, or my 3rd, Aichan.  I figured I might as well talk about Suzuki Kanon, since she's well on her way to becoming a top leader in my charts.  She was my favorite kyuukie member from the beginning, and i'm already loving how she's adjusting to the life as a Musume.  She has such great charisma and charm that can't be compared to anyone else in the current lineup.

To an extent, she reminds me of what Koharu was towards the end of her tenure, but better.  Unlike Koha, Zukki has started off on a great note.  She's already showing so much energy, and I can see the sparks in her eyes when she talks.  She's as cute as a button and I can only see good things in her future.  I haven't seen any live concert footage of her yet, so i'm not quite sure how she sounds or performs, but I won't judge harshly considering she's only performed a handful of times.  I'm excited to see how she's going to grow up, realizing that she's merely 12 years old.  The force is strong in this one!


  1. I'm gonna be nice this time around and not say anything lool

    I can see no other 9th gen if she's around!

  3. Kylon: There is nothing negative to say!

    Chris: Lul carrot.

    Kirarichan: Spread the Zukki love!