Thursday, July 14, 2011

Outward Beauty

~[ Day 14: The Idol with the best body. ]~

I would have to go with lovely Aichan.

I have to admit that Aichan is quite a lovely lady.  One of the many things that makes her special is her fantastic figure.  To me, she's pretty darn gorgeous.  The topic of discussion for the day is about "bodies," so I wont mention that her facial features also add to her perfect appeal.  I can't really describe it, but I just find her overall a very attractive woman.  There's obviously a reason why Aichan has like 13 photobooks you know.  It's because she's so hot. She can pretty much make anything look cute or sexy, and I think she's proved that through the many many years she's devoted to Morning Musume.  

She's looked superb in every single music video, concert, and tv show that she's been featured on that i've seen so far.  I know that she's rather short, but since I always see her with other relatively short people, I don't really notice.  I wonder what it would be like to stand next to her though.  I really wonder how small she actually is.  Aside from that, she has great assets.  It also might have to do with the fact that she's one of the older members of Hello!Project, which I also find appealing.  Either way, Aichan is definitely a beautiful woman.


  1. I´ve never seen a Ai´s PB (some pics) but i agree with you....she has a nice body

  2. Ai-Chan...I love you girl. you know that XD But I'm going out on a limb here and say Momoko,Miyabi,Nakky and Aika has the best Body!!!! I Can't Choose XD

  3. she doesn't look like in the 20's to me x-x
    but yes, I agree with you ~

  4. a couple H!P members have nice bodies but this is the only correct answer, good job raffochi

  5. CIA: I haven't seen the whole PB's either, just some awesome shots~

    Kylon: No you're nuts. Maybe Nakky/Aika, but Aichan is queen.

    Melisa: You think she looks younger?

    Chris: Yey senpai approval <3

  6. Ai Chan Has no boobs or Butt though like the others XDD

  7. ^
    Ai-chan currently has the best booty in H!P (2nd best booty would be Momo & 3rd ManoEri).... And as for boobs... Ummmmm.... Well... None of the H!P members really have much boob-age.... If you compare Ai-chan to some of the other members (who are known to release PB's too), you'll realize that she has a pretty nice rack... XD

    From BK: It's Yurina, Momoko, & Miyabi who have the best bodies in my opinion (And yes... I am basing this on BK's Hawaii version of Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda)

    From C-ute: It's DEFINITELY Nakky & Maimi. :P

  8. Kylon: Eh, that's not the main reason why she's beautiful you know lol

    Clarissa: LOL I AGREE!