Friday, February 11, 2011


What kind of post would you expect when I just title it "Gahhhhh?"

Well, that 'Gahhhhh' refers to both some good and bad things.

Just listened to the full version for the first time, and I must say that it was pretty awesome.  I think i'll like it even more once I listen to it in the morning.  They really pulled it off.  Oh, and, Kumai's last line was so awesome it gave me chills.  Nuff said.

 Takahashi Ai cut her beautiful hair off.  I'm so mad at her for this.  How could she do this to me?
Her shirt is so ironic, do you think she wore it on purpose?  NO SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL.


I've had a thick package (teehee) from HelloStoreUSA sitting on my desk for two days now and haven't opened it yet.  I don't even remember what goodies I ordered to be honest.  I'll examine and take pictures tomorrow.

OH YEAH.  Notice anything different about the page?  Is it too beige for you?  Well deal.


  1. Oh!, she is beautiful anyways

  2. Oh no :(( Well, at least this hair suits her more than her hair in Mikan or Onna ni Sachi Are #:-S

    The pages changed XD It changed color XD

    Huhm... I listened to the full version too, and I'm guessing Captain is the Lead?~~!!! XD

  3. 1.) Not a fan of BZK so passed.
    2.) I think she looks great. I didn't know she had to have anyones permission to do so 8)>

  4. Girls With Short hair are awesome AI chan looks good =P

  5. ohhh yes, the new single sounds so awesome especially yurina's last lone *w* hoping for a good PV <3

    Ai-chan is someone who has any kind of hairstyle, looks great on her ;P

  6. *gasp* you guysssssssssssss..what are you talking aboutt......her long hair.....shes not the same...


  7. I just saw on Sayu's blog that Aika cut her hair too... :( I totally thought she was gonna start growing it out..

    But, I mean, yes, all the girls are still adorable no matter what their hair looks like, but still, I feel that long hair is definitely one of their prettiest hairstyle choices. ^^