Friday, July 1, 2011

Hangry&Angry New Single!

Wow, after over a year and a half since their second single, Top Secret, Hangry & Angry are finally coming out with their 3rd single!  I'm so excited!  I was rather surprised that they have been so musically inactive, seeing how many times they've traveled and made appearances.

In April of 2009, Hangry & Angry appeared at Sakuracon as their overseas debut.  Then, in July 2009, Yossie (as Hangry) was a guest of honor at the Los Angeles Anime Expo.  Later that year in November, their album Sadistic Dance was released, and a month later, their second single Top Secret.

 Their activity in 2010 has been minimal.  This past May of 2011, Hangry & Angry appeared at the Japan Expo in Paris to perform.

And surprisingly, tomorrow, their new single Reconquista is going to be released as an iTunes download! The CD release date is August 10th.  I can't wait!



  2. Its been hard for me to get into Hangry and Angry.
    I mean,Yossie looks awesome and their songs are super catchy! But I just can't seem to get past how scary and wrong it feels to have Rika staring at me like she's gonna hurt or eat me. XD

  3. Kylon: Omg wut Rika is awesome

    Nono: LOLOL that's funny XDD. Rikaaa is awesome tho!!