Saturday, July 2, 2011

An Idol You Dislike

DISCLAIMER:  This post is not intended to rub anyone the wrong way.  I'm just answering honestly.

~[ Day 2: An Idol You Dislike. ]~

There always has to be somebody at the bottom of the list, and in my case, its Tsugunaga Momoko.

Momoko has always been my least favorite member of Berryz Kobo.  I really never payed much attention to her, and when I did, she always seemed to bother me in some way, shape, or form.  I never found her actions to be cute whatsoever.  She's become increasingly selfish the more air time she gets, and it drives me crazy.  The last few shows that i've seen her on, just made me want to slap her.
Every move she makes feels like it's all just a big act shes portraying.  Nothing she says or does anymore is believable to me.  It's as if all she's doing is trying to impress her fans, and that if she makes a wrong move, nobody is going to like her anymore.  It's like she is never allowed to break character or something.  Sometimes, I really think that the other Berryz are fed up with her as well, especially Chinami.  But things like that are just a hunch, and I can never know for sure!

In a recent TV segment, Chinami expresses how Momoko's actions make her feel:

Announcer-san asks about any mysteries of Berryz Kobo:

Captain gives an honest answer:

Then Announcer-san asks about hurtful remarks:

Momoko answers quickly.  I'm sure she didn't have to think very hard.
That one might have been sent in by me.  Woops ^^;

Well.  It's been said.  There you have it folks.  That's just how I feel.  I hope none of you take it personally of course!! And, I will never stop supporting Berryz!!
Oh wow.  I have more to say about the idol I dislike then about the idol I love. -____-

On another note, i'll be at Anime Expo today!!  I'll let you all know how it goes!


  1. português > inglês
    Eu não gostei desse post, pois a momoko é uma da integrantes que eu mais gosto, aliás a primeira que eu comecei a gostar, logo após foi a aika.
    Não critico seu ponto de vista, mas acho que vc deveria falar coisas boas dela tb.


  2. ahh poor Raffiko xD oh well, what can I do? :P there's always a member who someone dislikes from other members and is at the bottom of the ranking...don't worry, I also have someone I dislike, or doesn't pay attention to xD

  3. português > inglês

    bem, mesmo assim estou virando fã deste blog(acho que já sou)

  4. its time for you to learn portuguese, raffo

  5. From the "Trivia" part of Momo's profile on J-Ongaku:

    "Momoko once asked Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi if she was ever told that playing the cutesy idol role was painful to watch, how long she planned to continue with the character, and other questions related to their shared burden of playing that role within their respective groups. Because Momoko asked the question seriously, Sayumi was glad that Momo was comfortable with talking to her about her problems."

    (Take notice that it said "shared burden"... Momo doesn't seem to think of the role as a blessing! xD)

    -moving on-
    I'm pretty sure Momoko herself is sick of this role, but you know what, it's what helped make her as popular as she is now (She's not NEARLY as pushed in Berryz singles as Rii & Miya are, and yet, she is more popular than them), it's who her fans are used to seeing (if she changed... and just acted like her true self.... I'm not sure the wota's would like that, cause you know wota's like cutesy types of idols), and it's who many aspiring idols admire (I can name a number of idols & idols in training who have said that Momo is their fav member of Berryz because of her role there).

    I mean, you know, she can't just up and decide to just get rid of this character.... She's had it for 7 years afterall, it just wouldn't make sense...

    (You'd think the other Berryz members would be more understanding about this.... but I guess not.... (You know, I bet, deep down, it really hurts Momo when people call her "annoying" or "disgusting", even if she laughs about it, I bet it truly bothers her, but you know, she IS an idol pro, even if she's hurt, she can hide it easily with a smile :P).

    Oh, and Raffi, ummmm, I used to think you were just "indifferent" towards Momo, but this post is making me see you a little "differently". Don't turn into a hater now, haters in my book, are people who obviously have no life's, if they're wasting their time hating a member or group. You don't want to be a hater. :P

  6. LOL. Translates Mellyssa(mellka)'s posts:

    1st one says:
    I did not like this post, because Momoko is a member of what I like best, indeed the first I started to like, soon after was aika. I do not criticize your point of view, but I think you should speak good things.

    2nd one says:
    Well, anyway I'm becoming a fan of this blog (I think I am)

  7. Grrr. I knew this post would cause problems! Bleh.

    Mellka: Like I said, I wasn't trying to hurt anyones feelings. It's just how I felt about one specific member.

    Melisa: Thank you for understanding! <33 <33

    Chris: Shh.

    Clarissa: I totally agree with you. You make a valid point. Also, I am in no way trying to be a hater, and I hope that you don't see me that way. I never said I hated her or said anything negative about her the way she looks or anything like that.

    Honestly, I do like her voice and shes a great performer. I just wanted to answer the question lol. Her type of personality doesn't suit me. That's all. I don't have anything else against her really. I don't want to waste my time and be a hater like you say.

  8. @ Clarissa OMG no one asked for a whole essay XDD

  9. and LOL at your least fav being Momoko XDD

  10. @Kylon
    Shut up, you know I like writing a lot. :P

    That's a good boy. xD

  11. Clarissa: Omg XDD. I really don't hope you see me as a hater. I didn't want to come off as such in this post. I really do not hate her. Our personalities may just clash XD

  12. Adding you to my blogroll because I agree so hard XD. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cute idols, but the fake act and the arrogance gets SO old.

  13. Serenyty: Thank you!!!!! Someone agrees with me xD

  14. It was an older episode of Music On Saturday when Berryz were promoting Ai no Dangan. I think the video can be found on youtube, but I have forgotten what the title was!