Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh no the girlfriend question!

~[ Day 3: If you are (or were) a boy, which idol would be your girlfriend? ]~

Let me introduce you to mai waifu, Sugaya Risako.

 For the longest time now, Risako has been my top Berry.  I never really had a crush on her until one mysterious night when she visited me in my dreams in which she was my girlfriend.  I know it's super corny to say, but that dream felt so real, that waking up and realizing that it was indeed, just a dream, was somewhat depressing.  After that night, every time I saw a picture of her, I melted a bit.  I know, I know, i'm super weird, but hey, what can I works in mysterious ways!!

 I've always felt that Risako could be an excellent contender to be my girlfriend.  Other then the fact that her looks makes my knees buckle on cue, she's smart, warm-hearted, and passionate.  Some people may say that she's somewhat lacking in the personality department, and I can see where they may say that.  She's often very quiet and meek.  Maybe that's one of her qualities that attracts me to her.

Risako has got such charm, charisma, elegance, and grace, that she deserved a third paragraph.  I don't know what to tell you man...this girl is a perfect ten in my book.  I know there are those out there that think otherwise, and thanks okay with me!   Like I said to my friend Chris the other day: "she makes my standards so impossibly high for regular girls."


  1. OOO Risako Ehhh? If i were to choose (She's not in H!P anymre but...) I would say Eri Kamei! She seem's like a high maintenance person just like me hahaha. If we are talking current H!P then i would say Captain ^^. If We are talking Idols in general than Nicole from Kara hahaha ^^

  2. ahh yes yes Risako lol, Raffiko keeps fanboying about her xD

  3. lol i actually remember when you told me about that dream

  4. português >inglês
    Mellyssa(mellka)-"vou agora usar o link do meu blog(faço parte da equipe)"

    Risako, O.O ela é realmente muito bonita, mas isso é um pouco de exagero(bem, sou uma garota fazer o que?)

    lol to virando fã desse blog, eu já via os posts a um tempão so naum comentava

  5. Kylon: Eri is great too. I always loved her as well. Omg Captain is so adlfkjaldfkja cute.

    Melisa: Ofc! I'm sure you saw this coming ;P

    Chris: Omg rlly? That night was so epic ;~;

    Mellka: Nice to see your blog! Yes, Risako has always had a special place in my heart <3