Thursday, July 7, 2011


 ~[ Day 7: Favorite Couple? ]~

I assume the word 'couple' in the question refers to something along the lines as good friends, so I chose the pairing of Aika and Reina, aka Reika.

For a couple years strong now, Reina and Aika have become close friends within the Musume community.  For some reason, this pairing bewilders me...but I love it.  They seem to have such different personalities and characteristics about them that make them rather opposites actually.  Maybe that's what brings them together?  They way I see it, the qualities that they admire the most in each other are the ones that they wish they had themselves.  Whatever it is, they're damn awesome together.

I've always wondered about the members relationships outside of the work environment.  Like who hangs out mostly with whom, and if any members rarely talk on their free time.  I'm glad to see that Aika and Reina have such a strong connection out of all the other members.  Through Reina's blog, I've read that these two have had numerous sleepovers, dinners, and get togethers.  I read that even their mothers have hung out a few times.  Now that says something about their friendship!  I hope that they stay friends for a long time coming.

Yay for Reika spam~

Zomg they're best friends for life <3


  1. I found them too cute together. And they always seems to have so much fun. I feel that Reina helped Aika to be a real Momusu.

    Btw Raffeelgood, I added you in my blogroll :3

  2. yesyes, Reika indeed, I've seen lots of Reika in Reina's blog too desu~ but not for a while :O

  3. Chobi: Yes, they really do seem to have a lot of fun together, and thanks! <3

    Melisa: I agree. It's been a while since ive seen Aika on Reina's blogggg