Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deal Breaker

~[ Day 9: The Voice You Dislike? ]~

I don't necessarily dislike her voice, but it's not my favorite, so I chose Fukuda Kanon.

I have nothing against Kanon, but I had to choose somebody for this category, so I went with the member whose voice I liked the least.  Her voice is way too high pitched and squeaky for my taste.  It doesn't please me very much.  It's not very melodic and Kanon's voice seems to crack often.  She doesn't seem to know how to keep a steady pitch.

Kanon has a great personality and stage presence, and I love her for that.  In her defense, her voice suits s/mileage's image very well.  They are young, cute, bubbly, and dare I say it, high pitched and squeaky.  But honestly, it also depends on what she's singing.  For example, she performed Miki's Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi and I thought she did rather well.  Her voice was tolerable and I enjoyed the performance a lot. Maybe it was because I was already a great fan of the song?  Than again, if that were true, I would have enjoyed her performance in Shin Minimoni of Crazy About You.  I didn't.  It was deplorable.  I love the song though, just not their performance of it.  Ah, what can I say.  I still like Kanyon though!


  1. I like Kanon but she sings like she is about to sneeze or has a runny nose XDD

  2. lol never really payed attention to her voice that much even though she's my 2nd fav. from S/mileage xD Okay, maybe I did but not that much now