Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 ~[ Day 27: Idol that holds a special place in your heart? ]~

That would be Koharu, but for a different reason!

The reason why I say that Koharu holds a special place in my heart, is because she was one of the first members of Morning Musume that I began to like.  She somewhat in a way started my Momusu fandom.  Momusu was 9-nin when I became a fan, so that's how I originally knew them as.  Kinda like how Colombus thought the world was flat, I thought that 9-nin Morning Musume began (and would end) 9-nin Morning Musume.  That being said, I really miss Koharu!  She was the life of the party when she became an established member, and allowed her colors to shine.

"Miracle-chan" was such a great sport.  I always liked her voice, even though it was kinda high pitched.  That being said, I thought it was super adorable.  She also holds a special place in my heart, because on top of being (one of the) first members that I started liking, her graduation was the first Momusu graduation that I was around for.  Since I wasn't quite aware of the whole graduation thing, it was shocking to me.  I didn't want Koha to leave.  9SMILE 2009 Concert was also one of the first concerts that I watched on DVD, and the first grad concert I saw, so it was quite special.  It's still one of my favorite concerts.  Oh Kohaaa :(


  1. Ew Yuck Gros Bleh Im Glad your Gone Troll XP

  2. I love koha too in fact she's my favorite until now. I just don't get it when somebody pulls her down.