Monday, July 4, 2011

Role Reversal

 ~[ Day 4: If this idol was a boy, who would be your boyfriend? ]~

Lets see now. If Chinami was a guy, and I was either a girl, or gay, he/she would totally be my boyfriend.

Gee, now this is an interesting question to say the least.  It definitely makes me think outside of the box!  Of course, Chinami is beautiful and has a great personality to be anyone's girlfriend, but I think if she were a dude, she would make an awesome boyfriend too.  The most common answer i've seen chosen for this question is either Niigaki Risa or Yossie.  That's too easy.  They were chosen because they are both somewhat tomboyish.  That's not the reason why I chose Chinami.

I chose Chii as the answer to this question because of her distinct personality.  Actually, I probably chose her because I can really relate to her because she has qualities that I would find in myself and some other guys.  For one she's very straightforward and blunt.  She always says what on her mind and doesn't tiptoe around the subject.  She'll tell it like it is!  Another is that she doesn't hold back.  She's full force.  What I mean by that is that she puts a lot of energy into everything she does.  In addition, I see her as somewhat of a protector.  She seems like the type that will stand up for herself (and others), and makes her own rules.


  1. I would want Maimi to be my boyfriend. She seems secure and dependable hahahaha

  2. From C-ute: Maimi (I agree with Kylon & Melisa)

    From Berryz: Maasa... Why? She seems mature and dependable. XD

  3. Kylon & Melisa: Hmm...Maimi would be great too

    Clarissa: I was thinking Maasa too. It was a hard decision on who to be my boyfriend LOL