Friday, July 22, 2011

Quick Change

 ~[ Day 22: Your favorite costume? ]~

Hmmmmmmm....that's a tough one.  Of course I pay attention to the outfits that the girls wear, but I don't have just one favorite.  Lets go through some?  I think of these as I go along, but off the top of my head, i'd have to say Momusu's Rival Survival's military outfits.

I think you can tell that I really liked these pictures, since I bought everyones 2L set:

After that...hmm...I'd say the Kimagure Princess and Kiss Me Aishiteru outfits:

Well Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai costumes were pretty FIERCE too...

OH OH OH and I REALLY loved the Momusu PIKA!PIKA! gold outfits!

Hmm what else...
Oh I know!  Anything that Biyuuden ever wore (or didn't)~

Whatever the hell this was~

and fish.



  1. You must be the only one I know who liked the Guru Guru Jump outfits...

  2. ^ lol yes, I won't even mention what they remind me of

    but anyway RS outfits were hot

  3. My Fav :

  4. LOL the GuruGuruJump outfit part was a joke XD

  5. Portuguese > english
    Essas roupas são super!!!
    amei o post

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