Saturday, October 1, 2011

Raffi's Second Contest!

September has promptly shown itself out the door, and October has wiped it's feet on the doormat, which can only mean one thing.  It's contest time!  After my first successful contest, I was glad to see how many people participated.

This time around, I want the contest to be something more challenging then just a raffle.  In honor of Takahashi Ai's graduation, I want to see some sort of graphic made in her honor.  It can be any size you choose (not too big please), and using any picture(s) of Aichan you can find.  You can even draw if you want to.  Anything really, just be creative, and think of Aichan!

Here's what you all will be playing for:
A Maji Desu Ka Ska Regular Edition CD!


Please turn in your submissions to
Deadline is October 5th at 9:00PM PST! Good Luck!


  1. I want it!!!
    i'll participate! wait for me ne~e^^

  2. it is only a edited pic???
    I enter! but I can not to understand... ^^

  3. can I do more of 1?? or only 1??

  4. Ryochan: Yes, it's an edited picture like how my banner is and how people have done for Jedimastertrunks banner! You can do more then one if you want to!

  5. Can picture be really big?
    Like whole screen?
    (I made one really big).

  6. It can be desktop sized. A desktop background would be nice to see.

  7. Signed with "Raffi's Awesome Blog"??

  8. Ryochan: No no, it's not supposed to be a banner, just any sort of graphic/artwork. My name (or any words) don't have to be there lol

  9. Aw October 5th ; A ;
    /doesn't have timee.

    Good luck to everyone though!

  10. i'll join..where will be going to send it to you?
    yahoo! mail?

  11. how many people will you give that Maji Desu Ka Ska CD?

  12. raffi i'm done... pls. reply if you receive an email that has an email name ok?

  13. Yes, it goes to the e-mail that I put in the post above. I will e-mail everybody saying that I received your entry!