Monday, July 25, 2011

Koisuru Biyuuden

 ~[ Day 25: Past group that you miss the most? ]~

I think it would be Viyuuden, seeing as I like most of their songs.

I wasn't a fan of H!P until after the elder club graduated, so Viyuuden (and W respectively) was already gone by then.  After I started listening to their songs, I really fell in love with them.  Rika was awesome, and Yui and Erika were just as great.  The three of them were super sexy, and had such a cool vibe.  They were the sexy group LOL.

I still love listening to their songs because they're mostly upbeat.  Even their slower songs are pretty good not gonna lie.  Some favorites of mine would be Jajauma Paradise, Aisukuriimu to my Purin, or Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari.  If you like Viyuuden, you will most probably like those songs too.  I wish they were still around, but it's nice to see some of Viyuuden still performed in todays H!P concerts.


  1. I Miss T&C Bomber the most ;---;

  2. Chris: thank you <33

    Kylon: never really listened to them

    Serenyty: yay!