Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 ~[ Day 26: Idol with the best personality? ]~


Even though she's not with H!P anymore, she's still considered an idol if you ask me.  I chose Eri as the idol with the best personality, because she is damn random and hilarious.  A lot of times, she's also rather slow, but in a cute way.  She's spontaneous and out of control backstage during concerts which can be seen in making-of clips, and other times, she's just giggly and freaking hilarious.

For someone with a skin condition like hers, i'm surprised how well she coped with it, and didn't even really bring the seriousness of the illness until her graduation was announced.  She had the positiveness and the genkiness to push through all of that and make the best out of the situation and that's why I love her.

One of my favorite Eri clips ever.  You would think she was either drunk, or high on something, but NO, she's just being Kamei Eri.  <3


  1. Portuguese > english

    Kamei- chan T_T totalmente linda!!

    ela é muito kawaii...bem raffi, acho que você deveria fazer um post sobre como TODOS iremos sentir falta da Takahashi Ai, aliás ela vai se graduar no fim do ano:(

  2. Kamei's craziness is the best! I love this compilation of her crazy backstage antics during the Rival Survival tour! XD http://youtu.be/6qBoREFhVf0

  3. Mellka: Yes she is very beautiful, and yes, i'm sure there will be a post about Aichan's graduation sometime :(

    Nono: YES!! That's exactly the clip that I was thinking about when I was making this post, but I couldn't find it. Thanks!