Monday, July 18, 2011

Spontaneous Nakky

~[ Day 18: Favorite C-ute member? ]~

I don't think it comes to anyone's surprise that I love Nakky.

Nakky has always held a special place in my heart.  She was the first member of C-ute that really caught my attention.  From the moment I started listening/watching C-ute, Nakky was the first member that I grew to love.  She seems like such a spunky little girl with a lot of energy to spare.  She always has a brilliant smile on her face, and she never seems to let the energy die down.  She seems like she'd be a real party goer.  I don't think I could ever be in a bad mood if Nakky was around.

From the way she dances, to the way she sings, there isn't anything that I don't love about her.  Some people say that her voice isn't that great, but I don't really care because I love it, and that's all that matters to me anyways.  Her dancing is above average compared to all the other members, and I don't think many people will disagree with me on that.  Besides those points, she's also gorgeous and would make any girl jealous.  She's super photogenic and the camera loves her.  You can tell by her new photobook.

Nakky is another contender for the coveted 3rd paragraph.  I could go on and on about her, just as Melisa would.  Sometimes I wonder where Nakky gets all her energy from, and at the same time, I wonder how she's like at home.  I read somewhere that she's rather grumpy in the morning, which makes me laugh because even grumpy she would be so cute.  I'm starting to buy more Nakky merch and I will continue to support her and the rest of C-ute for a long long time!


  1. nakky is 2 gud fur ur commentz.

  2. oh no! no comment :P but I AGREEE WITH RAFFIKO!
    they just felt speechless and can't comment ;)

  3. More Nakky for Melisa and Raffiko ^_^