Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Walk In Her Shoes

 ~[ Day 19: Who would you like to be for a day? ]~

I think I would want to be lovely Sayumi for a day if I had the choice.

Why would I want to be Sayumi for a day?  Why wouldn't I?  She's gorgeous, popular, and just awesome.  I love how inflated her ego is, and so do all of her fans.  She just smiles or waves hello and fans melt.  I want to have that power.  She could probably make anybody do anything for her.  She could be a very powerful woman if she wanted to be.

I would feel empowered and could rule the world if I was Sayumi for a day.  I would get everything I wanted and have everything be done for me.  I would take a whole bunch of H!P merchandise and get it personally autographed.  I would also go around and take many pictures of myself with the other members of Hello!Project.  I would also love to know what it's like to perform as a member of Morning Musume.  It would be an honor as Sayumi to perform Ooki Hitomi with Reina (and Eri) if I could.


  1. I would want to be Sayu just for the sole purpose of making others feel bad XDD

  2. That's a really good choice. It would be fun to have her I'm-cuter-than-thou personality and wreck havoc with it, but at the same time, she is definitely respected backstage and is known to have a caring personality.

  3. Kylon: I doubt she's like that and makes others feel bad. I'm sure she's actually really sweet, just with a slightly inflated ego on camera lol.

    Chris: Wouldn't it be so much fun?? Lol

  4. hope your dream will come true ^^