Sunday, July 10, 2011

Change of Heart

~[ Day 10: The idol you used to dislike, but now like? ]~
 You may be surprised, but a while ago, Risa was one of my least favorite H!P members.

When I first started getting into Morning Musume, Risa was the member who I appreciated the least.  For some reason, I really didn't like her.  Her look just didn't appeal to me.  I think the moment that I really started to dislike Risa was around the time the 321 Breakin Out PV was released.  I saw her in that PV and though "she's odd and doesn't fit in well."  Maybe it was just the fact that I didn't know Morning Musume well, let alone Risa.

Once I started becoming more and more involved into H!P, I started appreciating all the members, especially Risa.  It was probably shortly after Koharu's graduation that Risa started climbing up in my rankings.  I finally gave her a chance.  I noticed that she kept on getting cuter, and that her voice was really awesome.  It was around the time of Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai that I started really liking her, but then I hated it when she cut her hair really short for last years Mobekimasu.  I learned to love, and then loved her more and more, and now, she's my number 2 in Morning Musume.

Apparently hair means a lot to me o_o


  1. Idols that i disliked but i like now:


    That's all i think :O?

  2. oh Raffi! XD
    and how could you dislike Risa? D:<
    well, yeah, I didn't like that she cut her hair but then I don't care about hair anymore xD (okay, maybe I do a little) but Risa's amazing!!!!
    especially her singing *___*
    -goes and hears Only You-

  3. Risa <3____<3
    She is just awesome, my favourite from momusu, I will not let her graduate ever! ;_;