Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Will Learn Respect!

 ~[ Day 21: Idol you have the most respect for or admire? ]~

That's an easy one.  Captain for sure.

From the moment I saw this question, I knew that the answer would be Shimizu Saki.  I have so much respect for Captain, that it doesn't really hold a comparison to anybody else.  It's not easy to earn someones full respect, but somehow, Captain has done it.  This doesn't meant that my favorites like Aika or Risako don't have my respect, but it's almost like Saki has a different atmosphere about her that created the way I feel about her.

If I were to ever meet Captain, and actually have the time to spend with her, I would want to learn from her.  I consider her to be my senpai.  She seems like the kind of girl that knows everything and anything, and has the correct answer to any of your questions.  On TV appearances, she always has such a good answer for any question that she's asked.  She's also straightforward, and knows how to hold her audiences attention.  There is a special place for Captain in my heart, and I respect her like I respect no other!


  1. Oh Really :O? I would think you respect Aika the most..Interesting :)

  2. yay! Captain saki!!!

  3. wow i fond raffi blog haha cool for captain saki

  4. Mellyssa(mellka)July 21, 2011 at 5:16 PM


    A saki vem ficando mais linda a cada dia, ela era tão linda T_T

  5. Chris: Good.

    Kylon: Like I mentioned, I love Aika and respect her ofcourse, but with Captain it's a senpai-like respect.

    Kirari: Woo!! XD

    EvoKid: Haha, well, welcome! Hope you enjoy! lol

    Mellka: I know right?? I love her long hair!