Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You May Be Surprised

 ~[ Day 5: Favorite Group? ]~
BOOM. C-ute.  Did you see that one coming?

Yes.  I said it.  C-ute has outranked Momusu when it comes to the award for my favorite group.  For starters, I've been heavily influenced by Melisa and Chris when it comes to the H!P kids.  They were the ones who initially handed me the great pictures and videos that I needed to see.  Along those lines, I started getting more and more C-ute happy.  I of course still love Momusu, but the reason why I chose C-ute as my favorite group is because of their stable unity.  I didn't start becoming a huge fan until after Erika left anyways, so this is the 5nin cute that has stuck with me the most.

When I think of Momusu, I care for each member differently, and for different reasons.  Also, after Eri/Jun/Lin graduation, they just haven't been the same for me.  I'm still getting used to the kyuukies (even though I like them already).  They need time to adjust.  Thats what special about C-ute.  I love them all equally.  I honestly don't have a C-ute ranking.  They all take the number one spot in my book.  Airi, Nakky, Maimi, Chisa, and Haggy.  I love them all.  They have such a strong bond that can never break.  This is why I love them.  Oh, and they make some fantastic music of course!
 (hooray for my 100th post!)


  1. "I didn't start becoming a huge fan until after Erika left anyways" /shot She was my favorite in Hello! Project XDDD

  2. lol, bwahahaha i AM a good C-ute fan ;) <3333
    but anyway, I don't think I'm shock to see that C-ute is ur fav. group xD
    Kyuuto Saikou!!!<3

  3. C-ute i'm happy for your successful career and all, and Ima let you finish..but.....MORNING MUSUME WAS ONE OF THE BEST GROUPS OF ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME!

    XDDD /insider/

  4. I´m glad C-ute is your favourite group now

    5nin cute is really strong, i love them more now (i miss Kanna and Erika of course)

  5. Português > inglês

    ºC-ute, o primeiro grupo do hello!project que eu conheci(bem na verdade primeiro foi umas units, mas não conta), suas musicas sempre tem um significado pra mim, são muito boas.
    Minhas preferidas são Saki e Airi (kawaii:3)

  6. Kylon1: Lol that's not exactly what I meant. I was always meh about them but didn't start getting into them until recently (which was after Erika left).

    Melisa: Ur the best C-ute fan!!

    Kylon2: /notthatfunny :)

    CIA: Yes I agree!

    Mellka: Nakky is my favorite too!

  7. I agree . . .
    C-ute strong, and their bond well very unusual!
    thats why I love C-ute too same like you,
    for me, C-ute its awesome, their dance & music so different from other members.
    C-ute forever and always forever!
    even though now they are just five, but its not affect them to always work and career in music.