Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another HSU Package

I got another package from HelloStoreUSA today!  I think it's been a short while since I've bought anything form there.   I think the last thing was my Fantasy DX t-shirt.  Anyways, today's haul was a bunch of different photosets from various things like Fantasy DX, Chou Wonderful, C-ute/Smileage Collab, Dream Morning Musume, and Maji Desu Ka Ska.  Lets have a look!

Well first off, this is what I excitedly took out of the packaging:  My desk was an H!P mess~

First we have a lovely L-sized Fantasy DX photoset: First kyuukie merch woo!

Second is my favorite: Metallic C-ute Chou Wonderful L-sized set

Next up is some Aika goodness.  I couldn't pass these up:

After that we got a nice 2L Nakky set from the C-ute/Smileage collab concert!

And lastly my Dream Morning Musume 2L Yaguchi set!! <3

The fun thing about HelloStoreUSA's 'special order' is that by the time they receive the goods from Japan and ship them to me, i've basically forgotten what i've purchased, so it's a surprise every time!


  1. Ooh, good choices for merch!

  2. Serenyty: Thank you!! :)

    Melisa: What's with the "...?" I already showed you my merch earlier XDD

  3. I know, Meli is still jealous *o*