Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is There Evil Among Us

~[ Day 12: The Most Evil Idol. ]~


What can I say.  I couldn't trust her as far as I could throw her.  For some reason beyond my own belief, I do not like Riho.  I see evil in her eyes.  The smile on her face looks fake and forced.  She doesn't seem like she cares about anything really.  Im not sure what else to say, but from the moment I saw her, there was just something about her that put me off.  I think she might be plotting a sick scheme to take over Morning Musume, then H!P, and eventually the world.  We need to stop her before it's too late.

One paragraph is enough or else she might haunt my dreams.


  1. How could this be evil? (link below)


  2. Riho isn't evil. Erina, Kanon and Aika are Evil XDD

  3. I think you could throw her pretty far

  4. oh lol Raffiko xD I actually think this post is more funny than serious xD

  5. XD
    Well, I think if she's smart, she'll settle for sharing her rule of Momusu with Reina. I definitely think Reina's the type kick serious butt over such matters. Plus, I think they actually made a pretty good team in their shared lines in Only You. haha Anyway...

  6. (my rudeness is never serious btw guys)

    TommyVD - its baby evil.

    Kylon - no how dare you say that go away.

    Chris - i probably could very well launch her.

    Melisa - you get my humor omg i love you <3

    MiracleHappy - eeeew lol jk XD

    Nono - thats true. Reina would be a good queen bee

  7. At least she's not as fake as the other girl who claims to be KY. For goodness sake, KY people wouldn't be aware that they are KY let alone claiming out loud that they are one. =/

  8. i really don't like zukki, i mean i think she's very overrated. i see her as only a person who tries WAY to hard

  9. ^ Anon: But, this post has nothing to do with Zukki?