Wednesday, July 13, 2011


~[ Day 13: Favorite Berryz Kobo Member. ]~

I don't want to get repetitive and talk about my favorite Berry (Risako) again.  Instead, I will talk to you about my second favorite (but equally amazing) Maasa.

Maasa is such a gorgeous human being.  Ugh she's so pretty I want to kill myself.  No but seriously I love this girl to pieces.  She's like one of the sweetest members in H!P.  She can do no wrong.  I love how her look hasn't changed drastically from when she began in Berryz.  She still has the cute face that she's always had, but at the same time, she's become such a beautiful young woman.  I want to hug her omg she's so precious.

She really seems like the type that would get to know every single one of her fans personally if she had the time.  She has a caring and nurturing persona about her that comes off as natural.  I also think what makes her beautiful and shows her true personality is that she's very very humble.  She never talks about her own looks, or constantly (annoyingly) mentions that she's the most kawaii girl in the world.  That would drive me crazy.  She's very mellow, and keeps it cool.  She's the level headed one of the group.  I love her relaxed nature and I feel that nothing could get her angry.  She's just amazing and I love her!


  1. Português > Inglês
    Desculpa por não ter comentado antes ta com problemas no meu computador, agora voltei a comentar.

    Maasa~chan muito kawaii...ela tem uma bela voz e ainda por cima, continuou com sua beleza

  2. Melisa: YES! <3

    Mellka: She really is so cute!