Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fantasy! 11

So I listened to Morning Musume's newest album, Fantasy! Jyu-Ichi today, and I wasn't too thrilled.  There are a few good songs, but nothing that i'm going crazy over.  I need a few more listens before I can say for sure if I like it or not, but for a first time, its still 'eh' for me.  Definitely not as amazing as Platinum 9 was.  Now, I will tell you what I think of the new songs:

1. Bravo! [strong vocalist: Everybody]
- It's a fun and upbeat song.  It kinda reminds me of a mix of Mikan and Namidacchi.  Not my favorite on this album, but still a good song.  Don't find it anything special.

2. Fantasy ga Hajimaru [strong vocalist: Sayumi]
- There is something about the way Sayumi's voice was presented in this song that makes me really like it.  Even though i'm not her biggest fan, her voice works very well with the beat.  I'm glad she practically got this track to herself.  It has a trance/house feel to it, which I love.  So far, this song is one of my favorites on the CD.

3. Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara [strong vocalist: Gaki & Linlin]
- The song is a slower, ballad type song.  Its not that bad actually.  I love how I can hear Linlin very much in this song.  She and Gaki sound wonderful.  It's a very happy sounding song.  It's one of those "i'll always be with you" songs, which in a sense fits with the graduation, so I like it.  I hope Linlin gets a chance to sing it before she leaves.

4. Ai no Honoo [strong vocalist: Reina]
- Nice that Reina got her own song on this album, but if it were up to me, it would be for Aika of course.  The song isn't one of my favorites, since it is rather slow, and doesn't have much of a beat at all except for twinkly sounds and like one constant key on the piano.  It's a very 'samishii balad' type of song, if that makes any sense.

5. I'm Lucky Girl [strong vocalist: Ai & Eri]
- Hmm.  Not bad.  The song has a strange beat to it.  Not sure how much I like it yet, since it kinda sounds like the lyrics are repeating over and over again.  Don't know what to say for this song yet other then Aichan and Eri sounded good in it.

6. Sungoi My Birthday [strong vocalist: Aika, Junjun, & Linlin]
- Basically an 8th generation song, but everyone else joins in eventually.  Its a very happy sounding song, with plenty of 'jurururus.'  Its very bubbly and sounds like a song to sing to cheer someone up.  I can't help but think happy thoughts when listening to this song.  I think that's just the effect that 8th Gen has on me!  Aika <3

7. Ichi Kara Juu Made Aishite Hoshi [strong vocalist: Everybody]
- Another one of those "you can do it!" songs.  Not that that's a bad thing of course!  I like it.  It has a lot of old school "yay's" and "woo hoo's" in it that is so legit Morning Musume.  It kinda reminds me of a song to sing on a bus.  I don't know why.  I like it so far.  It could also be the ending theme to an anime in my opinion.

8. Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni [strong vocalist: Eri]
- Glad to see that Eri is featured on this album somewhat.  Almost surprising that they gave Reina a solo, and not Eri.  Funny how Tsunku works sometimes.  I don't know how to categorize this song yet.  It's in the middle of being a ballad and an upbeat song.  To me, it sounds like it could be the closer to a concert.

9. Denwa De Ne [strong vocalist: Ai]
- A very slow ballad song that is mainly Aichan.  Its nice, but nothing that you can get up and dance too.  It's like something you try to fall asleep to.  That's not a bad thing!  I hear someone else in the song too, but call me crazy, I can't figure out who it is!  Doesn't sound like a recognizable voice to me.  Either way, the song is mostly Aichan softly singing in your ears.

And there you have it folks.  If you read all this, then thank you.  I don't even think I've read all of this to be honest.  So to sum everything up, Fantasy ga Hajimaru is so far my favorite song on the album, followed by Sungoi my Birthday.  The album could have been better, but I guess Tsunku wanted to throw out as much stuff for us to buy before the new year as possible!


  1. nice entry! OOLG's album version was cool and Fantasy ga Hajimaru is my favorite too ^^

    hurray for Sayu!


  2. I was going to order it friday but i decided not too... this didn't meet my expectations ): 10MYME>>>AKK

  3. I quite liked the album apart from a few nit picks. (Track order mainly) seishun collection should have been somewhere in the middle and Bravo! should have been the last track.

    In Denwa de ne I think it's reina doing backing vocals, and I think there is a few whoa-a-whoas by gaki at the end. I'm Lucky Girl is like a daft punk tune (which I find awesome) shame it sounds like they're saying "unlucky girl". Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni and Fantasy ga Hajimaru are my fav tunes on it.

    This album doesnt have "wow" songs like 10myme and platinum 9, but I think it's a good solid album.

  4. I like the review. It's well-written, and no unnecessary flavored language thrown in like in most other reviews have for some reason.

    Personally I'd rank rank the album over P9D, because the only songs I strongly felt towards there was Aika & Eri's solo songs, but tastes are different, and that's great! ^_^

    Also, must say that I totally dig your blog design.

  5. GRRRR ok raffi forget everything i said above. I kinda like it now haha

  6. KBL - Oh I didn't even realize that they changed Lullaby Game for the album! *listens to it* Hmm...only the beginning changed XD

    Kylon - Lol yeah, thats kinda how I feel. I wrote this review after only 1...maybe 2 listens. I think i'll come around to the songs soon.

    MonAmour - Thank you!! Yeah, I never wanted to nit pick at everything, and even if I wanted to, I wouldn't really know what to listen for XD

    Anonymous - I figured it would be Reina. But i'm still not sure yet haha. Only like one or two songs make me go "wow I like this a lot" so far.

  7. Other then lullaby game that's it. I'm sure a few other songs may grow on me over time SO I'll just iTunes it then order the actual CD. Not there fault of course. They can only do so much with the material given.

  8. They changed more than the intro to lullaby game. The Haaaayaku's at the start a milliseconds shorter.
    The pause where Ai says "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mata"
    During the solo there is now a guitar along side the usual solo.

    They're the differences I noticed.

    (I'm the anonymous above: December 1, 2010 9:48 AM )

  9. Cyane - Yeah, that's how I am with new singles usually too. Lullaby Game was amazing the first time I listened to it though ^_^

    Anon - Ohh I see. I didn't give it a full listen, so that's my fault hehe ^_^;

  10. Yes go RoboSayu~ ♥
    Her voice just sounds soo cool(and lets face it, better) with that robotic filter - They should release a RoboSayu version of Robokiss. XD

  11. Nono - haha yes! They did a similar voice-over on her voice for Ooki Hitomi, which made her sound better IMO. I know a lot of people don't like that cause "she sounds better off alone" they say.

  12. Didn't take long for a couple of songs to grow on me & find myself repeating the tracks while driving to/from work. Both "Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara" & "Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni". Nope not a word, they could be singing about the traffic report in Tokyo & I'd love the song(s) just the same. I know I know sad yes? All I do is wait for HiP or someone else to translate the song(s), read the lyrics once, make note of what the songs is about & then just listen to them countless times later.

  13. That's good to hear :)

    And I know what you mean by the lyrics thing. For example Shining Power, they're talking about lunch boxes? But that doesn't stop me from loving the song!