Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Good Day for Pictures

You crazy kids who read my blog posts may know already that I made a decent purchase at HelloStoreUSA on Black Friday.  Well, my order arrived in the mail today!  Shipping time was pretty quick, seeing as I ordered Friday morning (11/26), and they arrived this afternoon (12/1).  I was very excited to see all the pictures I bought.  I was kinda startled when I opened the package, because the first face I saw was Momoko, and I thought that they sent me the wrong pictures lol!

Each photoset was individually wrapped for protection, and taped shut.  Holy crap did that get annoying to undo.  I actually stopped half way because it bothered me that much.  Even though, I couldn't stay away for long.

I know some of you have been dying to see what I got, so without further ado, I present you the pictures:

1. Aika 2L Nanchatte Renai set: (best picset ever)

2. Linlin 2L Nanchatte Renai set: (second best picset ever)

3. Nakky 2L SHOCK! set: (one of my favorite Nakky sets)

4. Linlin 2L 9Smile set: (my second choice, but never the less awesome)

5. Risa 2L 9Smile set: (Gaki with her beautiful long hair)

6. We Are Buono L Metallic set: (so shiny and amazing!)

7. H!P Mobekimasu C-ute L set: (Nakky looks fantastic)

8. H!P Mobekimasu Berryz Kobo L set: (Risako looks great.  I love the blue)

9. H!P Mobekimasu S/mileage Metallic L set: (I just wanted more shiny pictures)

10. H!P Mobekimasu ZYX-a L set: (honestly didn't even know who was in ZYX-a till I opened my pictures)