Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hello Covers

So it seems like, the newest gossip on the block is that Kamei Eri is going to release covers of older H!P songs on iTunes.  Well I think that's just darn cool.  Since she got to pick her own songs, she must be really excited to do this.  From what I read, each month, a new H!P member will release their own sort of mini-album on iTunes with their personally selected songs.  I think this is a great chance for underdogs like everyones favorite Aika, Maasa, and Nakky to get some well deserved attention.

Even though I think this is a great idea, it's just another thing to add onto the list of projects thrown Eri's way before she graduates from H!P.  I really do like her, but throw the underdogs a bone or two won't ya Tsunku?  Don't get me wrong, everything that Eri is getting is well deserved, and I have no issues with that, I just feel that Junjun and Linlin deserve do diligence, and they should be respected as well during all of this.  It kinda makes me feel that this is all a KAMEI ERI GRADUATION with a small side order of Jun / Lin.  I bet, too, at the grad concert, they are hardly going to be given the spotlight.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, Hello Covers or something.  It sounds like a great new project!  What I would absolutely love to hear, is maybe singing outside of their own groups.  For example, I'd love to hear Sudou Maasa sing something like Sakura Mankai.  That would be great.  Aika would sound so good singing Very Beauty if you asked me.  I should write a list and send it to Aika.

What do you guys think about this new Hello Cover idea?


  1. This project is more than cool ^^

    I´m waitin ºC-ute members´s covers

  2. I wonder if Linlin and Junjun is doing a song cover >w<

    and I think is awesome! ^_~
    I'm hoping for C-ute's turn *o*