Monday, November 29, 2010

Shining Baybay!

If the title confused you, then I will explain.  This post is about Berryz new single, Shining Power.  Lemme just tell you, this single is definitely a hit in my book.  I freakin love it.  I find it awesome that they are playing ping-pong.  I find it awesome that they are talking about bento boxes.  I find it awesome that their outfits are dark red and black.

I heard people rant a lot of crap about this PV when it first showed up, but I thought it was cool.  The girls look fantastic.  Yurina is lead in the song and PV.  She knocked my socks off.  She was fantastic.  I loved every moment of it.  Her being center just works so well for Berryz.  She's the tallest, has the best voice, and is just WOW.  In my opinion, she should be leader, and should always be center.


  1. I totally agree. I mean the PV is strange, and the colors do clash, but just enough that it goes all the way around and fits together perfectly! XD

    Yurina looks more beautiful than ever! And having her center creates a nice balance to the dance formation.

    Plus what a cute and happy song!! I was listening to it my car the other day and felt instantly 10x happier! And I wasn't even in a bad mood! XD

  2. YES! Having her center just balances everyone out! lol

    The song is great. It makes me happy too. Its like my favorite song to listen to at the gym lol. And that reminds me, I should make a new cd for my car XD

  3. I also agree that Yurina being in the center is awesome XD
    after all, she's the tallest member so it makes her stand out more being the main lead too :3