Friday, December 24, 2010

Album Wonders

So, what have I done so favorite b-sides and a-sides of 2010.  Whats left.  Oh..album songs!  A bunch of albums came out this year haven't they...  There were a few that really stuck with me this time around.  Momusu seems to be the winner this year in quantity album releases since they squeezed out a second album before the graduation (even though it wasn't as good as the previous).  So, which songs did I enjoy the most?  Well keep reading duh.

Miyabi and Momoko - Ai ni wa Ai Deshou [Otakebi 6th]

Not that i'm such a huge fan of Momoko, but I really liked her in this song.  Miyabi sounds great as usual, which makes the song better.  Not sure why though, but this song really stuck with me.

Mano Erina - Genkimono de Ikou Giga Power Mix [MORE FRIENDS]

Like, holy crap can I just tell you how awesome the first 16 seconds of this song are?  It doesn't fail to put a smile on my face.

Eri, Reina, and Sayumi - Ookii Hitomi [10MYME]

Loving the 6th gen genkiness.  This song was really a great hit for them.  They also performed it really well at the concerts.  To be honest, Sayu's voice sounds cool with the techno/robotic track behind it.

Sayumi feat. Morning Musume - Fantasy ga Hajimaru [Fantasy! Juuichi]

Haha, another great hit for Sayumi.  I really liked the way her voice sounded in this song, and how she was given the lead for it.  Aika would have been a better lead, but hey, can't do anything about that but enjoy whats given to me right?  The song is really catchy and upbeat.

Yurina and Maasa - Grand Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi [6th Otakebi]

Yurina and Maasa.  Couldn't have had a better pairing up for this song.  They really hit it out of the ballpark this time.  I'm a huge fan of both of them, and their voices, so together they sounded amazing.  I liked the way it was put together, having Yurina lead, with Maasa in the back, and then they swapped positions.  The two of them are amazing.

Ai and Risa - Ano hi ni Modoritai [10MYME]

This song was one of the reasons why I started loving Risa.  I'm usually not a huge fan of the slow, ballad type songs, but wow, this song really amazed me.  The two strongest vocals in MM put together for an awesome song.  Gaki's voice is phenomenal.

I bet you're all suprirsed that out of everything I picked Ano hi ni Modoritai as my favorite album song aren't you?  Well, I actually surprised myself.  It was a toss up between this and Grand Demo, but hey, I know what I like.  I like them all just about equally actually, so there really shouldn't be numbers.

Let's just say, these are my favorite album songs of the year!  I hope next year has some well thought out albums and performances as well~


  1. I love Ano hi ni Modoritai song too *---*
    TakaGaki <3
    oh and Sayumi sounded awesome on those 2 songs u picked where u talked about her :D
    it made the song epic ^o^ <3

  2. Yay, more people that love "Ano hi ni Modoritai"!
    I thought I was the only one, lol.

    I also highly agree with "Ai ni wa Ai Deshou" and "Fantasy ga Hajimaru".

    Some other personal favorites for me from this year are Kimi no Tomodachi (Otakebi), Loving You Forever (10MM) and Dare ni mo Iwanaide (More Friends). ^^;

  3. I like the song as well. No surpurise there being a fan of the Gokkies. I love Gaki-sans voice! Its hard to describe ~ as if it has both a medium & high pitch tone at the same time. Perfect for amplification. Whether she will continue to sing / release singles is in question, but I'll listen to her lol

  4. Yes, other people who love Ano hi ni Moroditai!

    Cyane - Yeah, its really a great song in so many different ways. I keep kicking myself for not realizing how amazing Gaki was earlier XD

  5. Hehe your fav is my favorite song on 10 My Me <3 and Don't U mean Ai+Sayu+Reina feat MM ;D

  6. The entire 10 My Me album and Ground Demo Roku Demo Medatsu Kimi are my favorite 2010 album songs. XD

  7. PS. Hope you had a great Christmas!! ^^