Saturday, December 11, 2010


Eh?  Majide?  C-ute and S/mileage are having a joint concert next year?  Er...sure....

Not necessarily a bad thing, but...why c-ute with s/mileage?  Not that I dislike s/mileage, just...this concert could have been like 10 times more epic if 5 nin c-ute did a joint concert with a 5 nin Momusu if you catch my drift.  Don't you agree?  Ne?  NEE?

Anyways, this should be interesting to say the least, because as i've mentioned before, I think its awesome when groups sing other groups songs.  Well...they better sing each others songs, or else this will be crap.  Anyways, as any concert, i'm excited to see what's going to be in store for me.  Concert goods should be pretty awesome as well!

Btw, if there were some ad contest for the concert, i'd SO win. Ne? NEE?


  1. I´m going to love that concert xD

    lol the pic is awesome

    (ºC-ute will win)

  2. i wanted a concert just berryz vs c-ute to happen again and now they are going to have one with s/mileage(happy)

  3. haha Raffi still doesn't know S/mileage names right? XDDD

  4. Yeah!!! S/Mileage!!! . . . Who are these other girls?

  5. Yes C-ute always wins!

    Melisa - I know their names, I just can't match them yet XD

    Cyane - >_>

  6. Kylon what are you :O-ing about.