Friday, December 3, 2010

A Better Day for Pictures

Hey!  Look what I found in the mail!  More Morning Musume awesomeness!  So I ordered some Rival Survival pin-up's online, and they finally came to my house.  Lemme just tell you, they're awesome.  The girls all look fantastic and fierce.  Berryz Kobo and C-ute definitely need to have some photo shoots like these.  If they do, I'd be their number 1 buyer.

Anyways, pin-up's as you may know are quite larger then regular photo's, since, I guess you are supposed to pin them up to your walls lol.  Ever since Rival Surivival, this is the first that I am hearing of these pin-ups.  I know now that they have been selling them at concerts for a while now.  Not too sure if pin-up's are sold at Berryz or C-ute concerts?

Whatever.  Well, here are more pictures for y'all:

- Gaki / Reina pin-ups:

- Eri / Sayumi pin-ups:

- Ai / Junjun pin-ups:

- Aika's pin-up with comparison:

- Linlin's pin-up with more photo comparison:

I think Junjun's is my favorite, with Gaki's coming in a close second.  They just look fantastic in them.  Love it.


  1. HOW MUCH MONEY YOU GOT!!!!! >:[
    but is okay..Raffiko's rich! XD

  2. For the first time ever, I am jealous of Raffi's stuff. Those pinups are the definition of hot.