Friday, December 17, 2010

Fresh Meat

So, Morning Musume 9th Generation Auditions are nearing its end, and the fat is being trimmed off.  All the girls who weren't good enough got sent home, while the ones that were Tsunku worthy stayed.  By the looks of it, there are only a handful of girls left.  Maybe...less then 10 i'd say.  Makes me really excited whats in store for Morning Musume.

They better not suck and ruin everything.

Caption: "You better not suck and ruin everything"


Looks alright.

Not doing it for me

Please.  Don't even bother looking into the camera.

No mirrors where you come from?

We don't need another Fukuda Kanon, thanks.

Melody-sensei telling the girls they got to get their act together.

Dance-sensei mentioning that Morning Musume isn't for the weak

That means you, little boy.

"What have I gotten myself into." - Tsunku


  1. I've never been through this audition stuff before so I'm trying to keep a really open mind. I mean when I look back at old audition tapes, most girls from any generation looked really scruffy at first but since their faces are so familiar now it's easier to overlook it, so I'm guessing that I'll end up getting used to whoever he ends up chosing.
    People can call me crazy for this, but I kinda wish he had just took the girls from S/mileage and put them in MM. I saw a clip of them all singing together at a telethon and to me it worked really well. Basically I just really hope he adds more than one girl because these finalist are all so young and the thought of just one tiny girl being thrown into the mix just seems like it would be so awkward to look at as well as awkward for all the members.

  2. this is my 1st audition since i became fan xD, i´m excited lol

    I like the Fukuda Kanon´s girl btw xD (Riho)

  3. This is too my first audition, so i'm still not that happy with the line-up changing :(

    But hey, if it wasn't for auditions, we wouldn't have the MM that we love and worship today XD

  4. You were kind of half-joking when you wrote these comments, weren't you?

    If so, then I loled a bit. Especially the Kanon thing...
    (But to be honest, I think that girl is cuter than Kanon).

    If you weren't half-joking. ^that, lol. :P

  5. To clarify: Yes, I was joking. I know I was being mean, but I meant it in a humorous manner. Most of what I say isn't serious. I thought it would be funny.

  6. You sure know how to be mean Raffi. But I totally knew you were joking when I read Tsunku's thinking line.

    This is the first audition that I'm actually keeping up to date on. I saw the previous auditions after the members were accepted, so I'm really hyped for this one.

    Come on Dec 23!

    I'm hoping Tsunku won't pull a Lucky 7. It also doesn't help that there is such a lack of footage on the auditions so far.

  7. Wowww was I really THAT mean? Come on guysss I'm not that bad ;D