Wednesday, December 29, 2010

C-ute UStream

So tonight I was informed that C-ute was going to be on Maimi's UStream doing all sorts of awesome stuffs.  I didn't even know about it until Chris informed me about it.  By this time I already missed like 30 min of it or something.

When I started watching, we got to watch C-ute (minus Airi) eat lunch.  It was kinda boring watching girls eat...and I kinda felt awkward watching girls eat...BUT then things got interesting.

[Stage Left] Here comes special guest Iida Kaori!  That was unexpected.  She came for some lunch too.  Hey, if C-ute's cooking, i'd join.  LUCKY KAORI.  She got Aitai Lonely Christmas CD signed by all the members.  DO WANT.

Right when I thought it was over, things got really interesting.  It was a C-ute karaoke party.  Woo!
We got to see a bunch of awesome performances by the girls.  It was like a mini concert.  We got to hear some awesome Miki and Mano songs along with Buono, C-ute, and Berryz songs.  It was really fun to watch, and it looked like the girls had fun too.

Didn't really think about screenshots until later, when I realized its LIVE, so you cant really pause or rewind >_<

Yaaay karaoke timeeee~

Chisa solo go!



Lol win~

Girls say bye bye...kind of...


  1. Indeed. Glad I was a part of itt

  2. ^
    it was fun ^O^ <33
    and I staid up so late ._.

  3. I've never seen Melisa stay up so late XDD she might turn into me!