Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Graduation to Remember

Yes, so I stayed up till 4a.m reading live reports of the graduation concert.  It was worth it.  Hello!Online was buzzing with fans who were crying / enjoying the concert as much as they could.  There were a few fans who attended the concert who uploaded pictures to the web literally every minute which was great to see.

It looked like Linlin, Junjun, and Eri had a lot of fun during the concert actually.  There were tears of course, but all in all, it looked amazing.  The crowd was awesome, seeing as like 20,000 people attended.  Surprisingly, there were a lot of female fans, and many (pretty) female Eri wota's so I've heard lol.

So literally after waiting months, the graduation concert finally begun.  I wonder how nervous our graduates were tonight.
P.S - Major picspam ahead

Graduation thread was a paaarrrtttaaay!

The party got kinda crowded:

The concert begins with the much approved military-esque outfits


Outfit change: Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai starts

Later on the medley came with Aika's spotlight of the night:

Mid concert, the graduates solo's began: up first - Linlin, singing Watarasebashi

Next: Junjun, singing Furusato

Last: Eri, singing Haru Beautiful Everyday

Orange everywhere for Eri:

After a rather solemn moment, girls come back with great costumes:

High energy returns to the stage!

Apparently, snow does too:

After a few awesome performances like GuruGuru Jump, its time for Lullaby Game:

Time for the graduation speeches: I wont cry!

Aika is so sweet:

Aww Junjun you're making me cry...

Awww Eriii

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww LINLIN!!! *sobsob*

2nd to last song: Ai Araba, It's All Right

K maybe not so many tears:

After almost 3 hours, goodbyes are said:


Last song: Namidacchi then good night



  1. Thanks for the recap, it's much easier to read than dozens of pages on the H!O thread.

    Happy that Linlin sang Watarasebashi; she's one of the few members I think can pull it off (her Chinese acoustic cover was great).

    Not happy that they did Ai Araba in that spot. Would have liked to see Ame no Furanai blah blah again.

    Also great to see them prove the haters wrong in that they successfully did a concert in Yokahama Arena. 20k is basically 4 times the amount of fans that comes to a normal concert.

  2. Thanks for the recap!

    The girls will be so missed. Seriously that TakaLin picture makes me bawl. T_T

  3. I won´t forget them :(

  4. ;w;
    I want to watch it now..
    thank you for the Screenshots Raffi ;w;
    looking at these pics is making me sad already ;A;

  5. Thanks everyone. Chris, I think they did sing Ame no Furanai towards the end, but i'm not sure.
    Melisa - I know me too. I get sad when I see the pics of them crying q_q

    Also, might I add that they changed up the Lullaby Game costumes, and they look cooler!

    Also, Eri looks like the Queen of England XD

  6. ^
    lol, did u see Eri fixing her shoes in Onna.....Lullaby Game and Linlin fell down? o.o

  7. ^
    I heard about that because of your H!O post lol. I hope everything was okay though T^T

  8. @JediMasterTrunks + Raffi: They did sing Ame no Furanai (saw pics of them singing it on the Morning Musume Facebook fanpage).

    EriJunLin looked so beautiful in those full dresses. T_T

    @Raffi: Glam version of the Lullaby Game outfits. Extra sparkly for more visibility!

    There are videos up from the concert:
    Souda We're Alive:
    Onna to Otoko...:
    Seishun Collection:

    Have fun watching!

  9. Come on Spring!! So I can buy it!!

  10. PrettyCatchy - Yeah, I realized that after, but thanks for the tip! I really liked the "glam" version of the outfits! Their shoes are different too.

    Cyane - I know right??! GAH I want this DVD!