Monday, December 6, 2010

C-ute Cutie Circuit Concert

c-So, a few weeks ago, C-ute's newest concert tour, the Cutie Circuit 2010, came to an end.  After it was released onto DVD, I watched it from the comfort of my own bed.  I didn't know how much I would enjoy the performances, but there were a select bunch out of the whole that were great!  The girls looked really good throughout the show, and the skits in the middle made  me laugh.

Now i'm not gonna write about each song, because then I would start to sound redundant and boring, so i'm just gonna tell you about the performances that I thought were above average:

1. Ookina Aide Motenashite:
Was very nostalgic hearing this song live, since I really hadn't listened to it for years.  I found it kinda odd when they tried making their voices higher then they really were to match how they sounded "back then."  All in all, I thought the performance was great, and I loved the wota chants during the song!

2. Akogare My Star:
I never really gave this song a full listen through, and now that I saw it and heard it live, I love it!  It's been stuck in my head for days.  It has a great beat to it, and a good dance number which surprised me.  Nakky and Mai were my favorites in this performance.

3. Nakky / Maimi skit:
Don't really know what all this was about, but Nakky's acting was pure awesome.  She make me laugh!  I didn't really know exactly what they were talking about, but Maimi looked good in the teachers outfit, and Nakky was just pure awesomeness.  The way she acted out her lines were really well done.  The skit was rather long though.

4. DJ Maimai skit:
CHEG IT OUT CHEG IT OUT.  Oh man this was absolutely great.  Mai was so cute behind the DJ equipment, and it was just a flashback to an old concert that I saw parts of.  I knew the gist of what was going on though, and it was hilarious.  I also LOVE it when groups sing other groups songs.  It makes me all giddy inside.  Seeing them perform parts of Genkimono de Ikou, Rottara Rottara, and Special Generation were just amazing.

5. Dance de Bacoon:
The song wasn't anything new to me, since I pretty much outplayed it, but it was great to see the dance number again.  They all performed it with such great energy.  It kinda made me wonder how tired they all actually were at that point.

6. Forever Love:
One of my favorite C-ute songs.  It was great to see a long Nakky dance solo to start this song off.  Would have been a little better if she didn't have a really awkward face during her dance though lol.  Anyways, that was the main reason why I liked this performance.

7. Jump:
It was what I needed after a few slower songs to wake me up (since it was rather late).  Nice energy, and a great upbeat song towards the end of the concert.

8. Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai No:
This has become one of my favorite C-ute b-side songs.  I really do love it, and the performance was fantastic.  All the girls came out in black heels, short shorts (except for Nakky -_-) and their appropriately colored Dance de Bacoon shirts.  Oh, and, NOT FAIR.  I did not know those shirts came in all those colors, or I would have gotten light blue or maybe even yellow.  Anyways, the performance was really memorable for me.

So all in all, the concert was great.  The performances were very upbeat, and the girls were full of energy.  Loved watching the concert, even through some of the songs that I didn't like as much.  Maybe next time though, a little more creative with the title of the concert?  Haha.


  1. Good review raffo, no matter how late it is XD woot XDD

  2. I'm not THAT late. The concert dvd only came out a few weeks ago! lol

  3. hooray~ Raffi enjoyed watching it :D
    me too ^o^

  4. ne mayocchau jan dakishimete
    waracchaou jan yobisutete
    mayocchau jan dakishimete ALL MY LOVE

    See, still stuck in my head.

  5. ^
    lol I love that song sooo much xD