Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Make Cool Things

A while ago I got really excited with the chibi drawings that were associated with Morning Musume's promotion song Appare Kaiten Zushi.  You know what i'm talking about right?  
I think they went by the name Muten Musume for the single.

Anyways, I was appalled that there weren't moar goods released for this single, since there could be so much potential for t-shirts with these mascots.

[Then, I got an idea]
So I made my own shirts.


I only made these four cause these were the 4 most popular.  I wonder how the others would have looked.

Jealous yet?


  1. hm...own shirts.....
    can I get one for free? xD

  2. I'll make u one for ur bday XD
    Which shirt do u want? LINLIN?

  3. Yes totally jealous! XD
    Those are awesome!! Good idea!

  4. @raffi - lol I'm just joking XD