Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rival Survival Highlights

So after all the dust settled after the graduation, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the concert performances.  I thought they were fantastic, with a lot of songs that really were top notch.  The outfits were some of my favorites that I've seen so far, and all of the girls looked wonderful.  Once again, I'm not going to talk about each and every song, just the ones that I thought were most memorable.

1. Souda! We're Alive:
Opening song for the win.  The dance number that was set up before the song started was fantastic.  I loved the military sounding music that played in the background while the girls almost marched into position.  That was really the highlight of the song.  The glass breaking sounds were cool too.

2. Handmade City:
I like bandannas.  I also like the little english at the start of the song.  I also like watching them in those outfits for just a little longer.  Yep.

3. Aisaresugiru Koto wa Nai no yo:
I liked this performance because everyone got great lines in this song.  Aika had the first solo, which sounded great.  I kinda like their outfits, and the dance was cool too.  I felt as if Gaki was yelling at me during the "ai ga ai ga ai ga aru KARAAAAAAAAAA" parts.  Calm down Gaki.  Also, it was almost as if Aichans mic was turned off for this perf.  For her solo's we could barely hear her, but all in all good perf.

4. Linlin's Watarasebashi:
Linlin was so adorable on stage reading her letter.  It really made me tear up a little bit seeing how cute she was.  Her performance was really great too.  Her voice is so melodic, I wonder if anyone of the new girls will develop a voice like hers one day.  She's really one of a kind.

5. Seishun Collection:
Let me just say: best costumes ever.  I don't really know why, but I honestly fell in love with these costumes.  I like color coordination.  The song itself wasn't anything special, but it was cool and different how they performed the entire song while circling the concert hall floor waving at everyone.

6. Odore! Morning Curry:
Awesome.  My favorite performance of the night.  It just had so much energy.  I really loved whatever was going on on the screen behind them...it was kinda mezmerizing.  Anyways, the pairings were balanced.  I liked Aika/Eri especially.  Also, towards the end, Sayu/Jun were adorable.  The wota chanting parts were cool as shit too.  "HEY? HAI!"  Just makes me wanna dance my pants off.

7. GuruGuru Jump:
This song will never die.  It will always be #1.  I loved the opening when Aika was centered with the other girls circling her.  Another high energy song for sure.  SO AWESOME.  Line distribution ftw here as well.  I could watch it a hundred times.

8. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game:
The outfits were so much nicer here then they were in the PV, but that's okay.  Was performed really well, even with the minor screw ups that nobody was supposed to see [cue Eri's laces tangled and Linlin falling on her butt] lol.  Im glad Eri/Jun/Lin got to perform this song once before they left.

9. Ame no Furanai something something something:
This one was probably hard to perform after constant crying for like 30 minutes of graduation messages.  It was just as hard to watch, lemme tell you that.  It was beautiful though.  Stop it.  I'm going to cry.

Well before I start crying again, i'm going to stop here.  I thought this concert was fantastic, and it was a nice way to end Eri's Jun's and Lin's time in Morning Musume.  I'm really gonna miss them, especially Linlin of course.  They won't be forgotten, and I always have this concert on DVD to watch whenever I need some more Linlin time. :D

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