Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aika's Legal (USA Legal)

Today (in Japan), on January 12, 2011, our Aika turned 18.  Awesomeeee.  She's not the same little tyke that joined Morning Musume 4 years ago.  She's definitely changed since then...in a good way of course.

Even though it's Aika's birthday, I was the one who got a present from the postman today.  Oh glorious day indeed!  Rival Survival pictures!

Best concert outfits EVER

My newfound appreciation for Gaki continues:

I wish I bought everyone's set.  They are just too awesome

Oh yes!  And beautiful kimono Linlin pictures as well:

SO.  If you have the pictures that I am looking for.  Sell them to me.  I give you big bucks jes?  Good.
WOO! ^o^

Oh yes I forgot we were talking about Aika's birthday.  Well, just watch this Aika goodness:



    hm...nice....Linlin stuffs.... *steals*
    oh and I got a photoset and I'm selling it for a 1,000 ^O^
    u want to buy it??
    u said you got big bucks :P

  2. oh yeah I like spamming raffiko's thread~~ :P

  3. Someone needs a COLD shower AFTER crawling out of the gutter! Haha!