Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Berryz Kobo Alo-Hello 2 (through my eyes)

SO.  Last night I decided to pop in my Berryz Kobo Alo-Hello 2.  I was excited that there was a plot to it, and that I actually understood what was going on.  Well, that only lasted for about 6 minutes, because then the next 70 minutes was stare at pretty Berryz time.

SO.  This is what happens in Hawaii when nobody's looking.

Miya wants to know where Captain is:

Later, Chinami and friends try to have some fun.
They look for minions to train for battle.

While on her free time, Saki runs into some 'new friends.'

(if you get this reference you're cool)

Meanwhile, Momo and Maasa happen to be on the same island of Hawaii,
at YO MAMA's Yogurt Shop:

Momo gets bored and decides to invite every stranger on the street
to a beach party tonight.
Maasa is very displeased, especially after bad yogurt.

At this point, rage builds within Maasa's core.
She can't hold it in much longer...

Maasa's crazy comes out a little, as she follows helpless Miya
to work.
Miya forgets she already has a real friend and accepts Maasa invite.

After already agreeing, Miya then calls Saki to make matters worse.
If Miya didn't hang up so fast, Saki could explain her situation and avoid upcoming conflict.

Later that night, Miya gets creeped out by Maasa's attempts and tries to escape.
Maasa's rage can no longer be controlled...

Conveniently on the other side of the beach, Captain Saki and her new possy
spot M3 and plan their attack.

Miya then finds out that Saki had an agenda all along.
Miya yells "THIS IS MADNESS' and fights back

The "beech paati" that was initially intended soon turned brutal.
After hours of fighting Risako realized how hungry she was and offered
to go get some food.

The others agreed.

The rest is history.

I hope everyone enjoyed my bored and borderline insane fic.  HAVE A NICE DAY YALL.


  1. LOL. fiction screenplay.

    BTW, Chii's hair is so brown already.

  2. lol Raffiko with his screencaps XD

  3. I apologize for this randomness. I was borderline crazy.

  4. Oh yeah Mean Girls reference! I have to say I am disappointed you didn't go for the "Boo! You whore" joke with the phones. XD

  5. ^

    I'm cracking up cause that would have been so perfect XD

  6. XD This should totally become a regular thing you do! hahahah

  7. ^
    Haha, thanks! Glad you liked it. I will definitely be doing more~

  8. this is awesome
    loled at massa X miya