Thursday, January 13, 2011

Secret Admirer

So today I was informed by Melisa about this website where apparently you put in your name, click 'next' and you get a specialized message from an H!P member.  It's just a game made solely for fun, but it's actually really really funny.  You can put as many names as you want and see what happens, but the same name twice will get you the same response.  CLICK ME if you wanna play!

With my real name I got a message from 9th Gen member Fukumura Mizuki:
Mizuki says: "Lets make tomorrow a better day to do special things."  Thanks kid.

With a nickname I got a message from other 9th Gen member Ikuta Erina.  I guess they love me.
Erina says: "I'm looking forward to the bus tour. Lets secretly make some time alone together." -- Kid, i'm WAY out of your league.  Call me in 7 years.

With 'HelloRaffi,' I got a message from Okai Chisato:
Chisato says: "Haa, i'm tired already. How should I stay awake."

Lastly by adding an extra letter to my name, Nakazawa Yuko sends me a message:
Yuko says: "Have any free time? I bought some rice."

This was a lot of fun actually, and it made me waste some time.  Woo!  Try it out for some laughs.  Have some more laughs with google translate.

Mr.Postman left me another present today


  1. yay! I want a message from Nakky XD
    but I didn't got one DX
    except with Mellissa but she said she hates me ;A;
    need a better one :P

  2. lol, only love? when i made it Chissa said me "Why did you come to the event? Don´t come anymore"

    it was hard xD until Kanon said me "i love you" ^^...i should change my favourite now xD

  3. *laughing* With my real first name Kamei Eri sent me a text saying roughly "Shes hungry lets get together and eat!" . . . still waiting for a return text of where & when.

  4. Kylon - it's fun. that's what this is!

    Melisa - I don't think thats what she really said, cause google translate makes things sound bad XD

    ChisatoIntelligence - LOL Chisa totally owned you XD

    Cyane - loll i'm down to have lunch with Eri and Yuko

  5. Omfg.

    I just tried it and wrote my real life name...
    Of all people I got Sayumi who said:
    "From tomorrow on I will have a long time of work; You should take me somewhere!"

    I'm going to use this as my wallpaper, lol.

  6. How can you guys read Japanese so fast :(( I don't know what to do when I click that XD