Monday, January 3, 2011

Small Packet

So today I got a little surprise in the mail.  It was a couple of photo's that I ordered off of ebay.  I didn't really know when I would get them, so I was happy to know that they came today.

Anyways, short post, just showing you what I got:

(bunny picture is metallic)
(pure awesome)
(double win)


  1. So the question is do you like Aika with short hair, medium or long as she had it when she joined? Curious. Myself I love how Mako-chan keeps hers. Long & brushed straight down.

  2. I think Aika looked really good with long hair, but we only got to see that for a very short time. I liked her hair short too, but now that its growing out, I think its looking better and better.

  3. Eri looks soo pretty in that last shot.