Friday, January 21, 2011

Never Play Hide-And-Seek with A Berryz

So in Berryz Kobo's DVD Magazine 22, they decide to play a sort of hide-and-seek type of game.  In this game, they got split up into two teams (Miya/Saki/Yurina vs. Chinami/Risako/Momo).  Maasa was the ring leader apparently.  The object of the game was to hide a bunch of cards for the other team to find.  In these cards were trivia questions that had to be presented to Maasa later on for points.  It looked like fun, but unless the rules stated to make the game as hard as possible; the girls were borderline cheating lol.

Oh, this should be interesting.

Team A (Chinami/Risako/Momo) got to hide cards first

Already looks impossible to win

Oh like that's fair.
Don't forget to cover it with powecords
...and a chair. >_>

I guess Risako isn't that creative with hiding spots.

Shoving things in air vents...
proves to be unsuccessful.

Chinami points out her 'right under your nose' technique

While Momo takes an alternative approach..

Which includes throwing things onto unreachable surfaces.

After hiding cards, Team B went out looking.  To my surprise they found almost all of them.  I don't think they found the last one, but they did find the one under the floor and powercords.  Some trivia questions were like saying all 12 months in English, naming 3 english words that are red, and 5 Japanese words that start with 'wa.'  Some I didn't really understand.  There was one with dice where Yurina had to roll two twenty-sided dice and make them each land on specific numbers in under 20 seconds.  Idk it was all redic.

Meanwhile, it was Team B (Miya/Saki/Yurina) turn to hide the cards.

Miya was just as creative as Risako

and Yurina figured she could use her height to her advantage.

Saki had some okay ideas

while Miya had her lightbulb moment


...and then not so lightbulb moments.

That's more like it.  Keep it up Miya

I said keep it up not give up.

Yurina shows us nothing but her brilliance,

while Saki goes for the cameo tactic.

So all in all, Team A (Chinami/Risako/Momo) won, mainly because Team B wasn't was good with hiding places, and they Team A got easier answers with their trivia questions.  I would get uber frustrated if I had to look for all these cards though.  Wouldn't you?


  1. I'm just now up to 3 out 5 Cute members I like now. Yes Jedi if you are reading this since I'm over the 50% mark I'm been sucked in, Nooo!Still not getting into BZK at all.

  2. ^ then my job is almost complete.

    raffo i thought i saw this but i guess i didn't. you've convinced me to watch laterz

  3. Cyane - Aw really? The BK girls can be a lot of fun, but I agree, lately i've been absorbed into C-ute

    Chris - Yaaaaay it's fun to watch. Maasa is <33

    Kylon - Why so confused?

  4. OMG 0_0 Where did you get this? 0_0

  5. ^
    It's in Berryz Kobo DVD Mag 22

  6. I know XD but did you buy the disc or it's in somewhere in YouTube? XD

    And call me Aiko XD I'm Kylon's Friend in Blogger :)

  7. ^
    Lol neither. I downloaded it from Hello!Online

  8. Sorry for asking so much but where did you download this in H!O (I mean... the topic or pages?). And do I have to use Torrent? :-S

    Thanks for the information and sorry if bother you ^_^

  9. Haha no its no big deal XD

    This is the AVI version of the DVD Mag if you want!
    But yeah, you have to use UTorrent~