Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Way Ai See It

So, you all probably have heard (I actually just found out) that Takahashi Ai is going to be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello!Project at the end of their Autumn Tour 2011.  That still gives us like 9 months of our lovely princess left though.  But when first hearing about the graduation, I had nothing to say but:


It wasn't much of a shocker though, seeing as Aichan has been a part of MM for almost a decade.  That's like half her life.  According to Tsunku, when Eri/Jun/Lin graduation was announced late last year, he told Aichan to start thinking of her graduation plans and her future career.

I think it's a bit too early, to have Morning Musume's leader leave her group, when the new members won't even have a full year to train under her.  With that being said, I believe that future leader Niigaki Risa will do a fantastic job in her place.  Aichan has dedicated a huge chunk of her life to Hello!Project, and I hope we still get to hear a lot from her.

If we get lucky, she will become a great soloist like Maki Goto was.  She's got so much talent.  I have nothing but high hopes for her future.

BUT.  I don't like how from '09-'11, things are changing too fast.  Koharu, Eri, Lin, Jun, and now Ai.  Morning Musume is getting blurry.  I feel like I almost don't know them anymore.  There's nothing we can do but hope for the best though.



  1. yush Raffiko, I'm sad too ; u ;

  2. So i dont go online for one day and THIS happens....

  3. I agree! It's really been too fast. They became 8, then 5, then 9, then 8 again?! How many are the senpai then? 4? It's going too fast. x.x

  4. I've been a fan for a a little over two years, so I only really got to know 9nin Momusu. By next year, only 4/9 are going to be left that I once knew =(

  5. Well think of things this way. I'm sure many fans said as much from 2003-2005. We lost a lot of veterans at that time. Yasuda Kei, Abe Natsumi & our 2nd leader Iida Kaori. They will survive & we have 9 more months not only with Ai, but to get to know the new members & put our faith in them. Oh I got one better. How about becoming a fan ( 3 years ago ) & discovering your favorite member you love graduated a year prior 8)>

  6. I'm glad they're announcing it this early though. It allows people to prepare for it. :)

    I'm really excited to see Ai on her own, but during these 9 months I'm going to support MM as a 9nin! :D

  7. ^ This is true.

    Also, I can't wait for all of the Ai-chan goodies that we're gonna get in the next 9 months hah!